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with China and India, the two most populous countries of the world, having unbalanced gender ratios.Studies and reports focusing on sex-selective abortion are predominantly statistical; they assume that birth sex ratio—the overall ratio of boys and girls at birth for a regional population, is an indicator of sex-selective abortion.It's important that the man's penis does not make contact with the woman's vagina before a condom has been put on. These condoms are slowly being phased out, as research has found that a spermicide called nonoxynol 9 does not protect against STIs such as chlamydia and HIV, and may even increase the risk of infection.This is because semen can come out of the penis before a man has fully ejaculated (come). It is best to avoid using spermicide-lubricated condoms, or spermicide as an additional lubricant. There are many different varieties and brands of male condom, and it's up to you and your partner which type of condom you use.All hail the condom, defender against every sexually transmitted infection and goalkeeper blocking each sperm trying to get you pregnant! While condoms can play a key role in protecting you, they're not the be-all and end-all of safe sex."Condoms are the number one reason I get phone calls from friends in the middle of the night," fertility expert and reproductive endocrinologist Brian A. D., and New York practice director for the Colorado Center for Reproductive Medicine, tells SELF.Chalk it up to the operational hazards of being a board-certified ob/gyn.Despite this, the use and promotion of condoms continue to be targets for controversy and criticism, and sexual abstinence and monogamy are often promoted as superior alternatives.

(See the text of Museveni’s speech.) Museveni later complained of being misunderstood and signed an article in The Lancet saying that condoms formed a valuable part of HIV prevention.

Condoms are the only contraception that protect against pregnancy and STIs. They stop sperm from reaching an egg by creating a physical barrier between them.

Condoms can also protect against STIs if used correctly during vaginal, anal and oral sex.

That's because even though condoms can be around 98 percent effective in preventing pregnancies, that requires absolutely perfect use every single time.

If you don't want a baby right now, Levine recommends using condoms in tandem with the Pill or an IUD for more thorough coverage.

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Sex-selective abortion is the practice of terminating a pregnancy based upon the predicted sex of the infant.

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