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20-year-old Angel , a Belfast-born student now living in Dublin, said that she started writing to prisoners on death row in the US out of curiosity.These pen pal programs can take the place of other high tech forms of communication such as cell phones and the Internet for prisoners.Although these programs can't organize communication information as quickly as contact center software does, they can be a true lifeline and help prisoners find companionship.“I was driving past Magilligan prison [in Derry] and said to my mum, ‘would I ever be able to contact someone in there? “It was a beautiful day, and I remember feeling that I was so near these people, but they had a very different perception of the world.I’m a very nosy and curious person anyway, and I didn’t want to be ignorant about such a big thing in the world.

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He thinks someone in the prison forced her to join the robbery, it seems the guy she was dating worked at the place that was robbed.

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