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You are viewing the documentation of Team City 9.x, which is not the most recently released version of Team City.View this page in Team City 10.x and 2017.1 documentation or refer to the listing to choose the documentation corresponding to your Team City version.When this option is enabled notice that then in case your Active Directory server is using a self sing certificate, which usually is the case, you must then: 1. Create a custom keystore from the JVM keystore For Unix: 5.Follow section Securing access to Active Directory servers to enable LDAPS Disaster recover: In case that after all of this you cannot login anymore, you should enable the logging on the plugin to understand why it is failing.

This can occur if you published the article path, but the application requires content that exists outside that path.

In case that after you enable the secured option you cannot login on the instance anymore, you might want to quickly fallback to the previous status specially on production environments.

For more information about the Azure AD Troubleshooting tool, see Troubleshooting tool to validate connector networking prerequisites.

The Team City user names for the new users will be derived from their LDAP data based on the configured setting.

All newly created users belong to the All Users group and have all roles assigned to this group.

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